Our Top 10 Tips

Motorhome holidays are all about your freedom and your choice! With over 15 years of motorhoming some of our tips may help enhance your experience!

We have over 15 years of motorhoming experience and a great deal of thought has gone into being able to offer you a fantastic motorhome hire experience from initial enquiry through to your safe return. We appreciate it can at first seem a little daunting, particularly if you are first timers, so we have compiled a top 10 tip list to help you navigate your way.     

  2. 1. Pick the right size motorhome for you

Where and when are you traveling? Our Planet range and VW campers are perfect for touring the smaller back road routes.  During the longer days of Summer when you can sit outside until late in the evening a vehicle with less internal space would be perfectly adequate.  If you are traveling during Autumn and Winter when the days are shorter you may be more comfortable with a large internal living area. 

  1. 2. Pick the right layout for you

Do you want the convenience of fixed beds which can be left made up or is lounging space more important to you?  The layout of a motorhome is often a compromise of what is most important for you and more beds and belts does not mean a bigger more spacious motorhome.  Our 6 Berth Galaxy Bunk is actually the smallest of our Galaxy range but it has the convenience of being able to leave all the beds made up.   

  1. 3. Plan your holiday

Hiring a motorhome is just the start.  To get the most out of your motorhome holiday plan the areas and activities you want to see and do, then outline a route to link these together.

  1. 4. Pre book campsites in peak times

The popularity of motorhome holidays has never been stronger so in peak times campsites will become fully booked.  Book early to get your first-choice campsites.  See our page on Finding Places To Stay for more tips.

  1. 5. Allow enough travel time

You will struggle to beat the Sat Nav in a motorhome.  Allow extra time for the journey if you are planning routes using Google Maps and especially if you are returning to Norfolk on a Friday afternoon!

  1. 6. Allow enough down time

The biggest mistake often made is trying to cover too much in too little time.  Sitting in a vehicle for hours every day is not much of a holiday.  We  recommend staying at one place for at least a couple of nights so you can arrive for dinner, explore the area the following day and have another relaxed evening before moving on.  Most camp sites will have check-in and check out times similar to hotels (i.e., arrive after 3, leave before 10).

  1. 7. Travel light

Internal storage is limited, especially in the small VW campers so try to pack only what you need.   You are best to pack in soft bags such as rucksacks and avoid suitcases these will often not fit in the spaces available.  If you can't travel light then our Galaxy models all have super large external lockers!

  1. 8. Arrive early at tourist hot spots

Parking can be limited during peak times but there is an easy option with a motorhome.  When you wake up, drive and park up at the place you want to visit.  It’s a lot easier to park early in the morning, then you can take your time to have a stress-free breakfast and get ready for the day in the car park!  

  1. 9. Drive Carefully

Most scrapes are as a result of slow maneuvers close to other objects.  Take your time, don’t let other drivers rush you, check both the nearside and offside wing mirrors to make sure the sides and back of the motorhome have plenty of space.  If you are unsure, get out and double check.

Be aware of delivery vans and lorries on the roads, as you pass slow down and edge over so the wing mirrors do not hit.  They will break in seconds; the delivery vehicles often have damaged mirrors already so they will be less concerned!

  1. 10. Keeping you safe
  2. We would always recommend staying at a designated campsite or motorhome parking facility.  When you are plugged into a campsite 240v mains electricity is in the system so do not attempt to look for lost objects in and around the wiring systems.   All of our motorhomes are thoroughly inspected every year, and all have landlord gas safe certificates as well as the usual fire and carbon alarms you would expect.  During your trip you need to make sure the gas is turned off when driving.


Most of our customers are first time hirers, so you are in safe hands at Capricorn Campers

Maybe even the more experienced campers can benefit from some of our Top Tips!!!