Top Tips for enjoying a motorhome hire holiday

Hiring a campervan or motorhome can be the perfect holiday getaway. Whether you are off with the family, traveling as a group of friends or maybe even a romantic trip for two you will be sure to create some lasting memories. However there are a couple of things that you ought to know before you go. Capricorn Campers have put together a "Top Tip" list to help you get the most out of your holiday. 

Book the 1st few nights of your trip at a campsite in advance.  Whilst we are all for "going with the flow" and enjoying the freedom of not having a strict timetable to adhere to booking the first few nights in advance will ensure you get off to a stress free start. In high season campsites can become booked up very quickly so a little forward planning is always a good idea.  Remember to bring an up to date campsite guide with you so that you can easily plan the rest of your trip.

Planning on the go. When we have been traveling we tend to really enjoy this part. Some people will prefer to have the whole holiday planned out from the very beginning and if you happen to be one those super organised people then i take my hat off to you. Either way ensure that your plans are realistic. Remember the distances involved and the time it will take to travel from one destination to the other. To tour around the whole of the British Isles in a week or less is totally impractical. Best stick to a few key areas that you want to visit and save the others for your next trip.

Check that campsites are open. During out of season, typically November-March many campsites are closed so you will not have quite so much choice. Remember that "wild camping" - pitching overnight somewhere that's not a designated campsite is illegal in England and Wales although in certain areas such as the Lake District there is a tradition of "wild camping" and the same can be said for the Scottish Highlands.

Pack a torch. This is the "must have" piece of equipment. Depending on where you are staying you may find that all you have for light is the stars and the moon and so a torch can come in very handy.  You could always take it to the next level and bring along one of those helmets which have a light attached - bit like a miners hat! that way if you need to unpack a locker or change a gas bottle in the dark you can do so hands free. 

Don't pack too much food and drink. Whilst the fridges in motor homes tend to stock a reasonable supply, overloading it with food to last the whole week is not advisable.  Better to bring a few days worth of food and drink and then stock up during the trip. 

Avoid bringing rigid suitcases and don't pack too much. As space is limited try packing your clothes in a soft bag or rucksack which can be easily stowed away as suitcases have the tendency to get in the way.  However if you are venturing off in one of our 2-4 berth Planet camper vans then there is just the right storage space under the bed for your suitcases. Don't forget this is a time to bring families together so leave the bulky toys at home and bring along a few board games, a deck of cards and some colouring books all of which will take up very little space. 

No question is a silly question. At Capricorn Campers we will give you a full guided tour of your Motorhome before we set you on your way. We want you to leave feeling confident in how to operate all of its functions and facilities so don't be afraid to ask any questions. We will also provide you with an easy to follow instruction manual for you to refer to whilst you're away.  

And the TOP TIP of them all is to relax have fun and "Remember To Explore"

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